How can you help the Sustainable Seafood movement & Eat More Seafood that’s healthy and locally sourced?
Check out the tips below:
  • Seafood is one of the healthiest sources of protein on the planet! It is an excellent source of low-fat protein that is packed with nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids that provide health benefits for people of all ages.
  • Don’t just stick with the same seafood you’ve always been eating. By choosing different types of seafood, you also help reduce pressure on highly targeted species. And you may discover some new favorites.
  • Take the family on a fun outing to one of the many fisherman’s markets scattered throughout the coast to find out from local fishermen  what the catch of the day is, and leave with a healthy seafood dinner for you and your family.
  • Just as with fruits and vegetables, certain seafood items can only be harvested at certain times of the year. By knowing what’s in season, you can choose local seafood at its freshest.
  • Shrimp is the most consumed seafood item in the U.S. and most of it is imported. Try these four types of shrimp that are harvested responsibly right here in Southern California:
    1. Spot Prawns
    2. Ridgeback Shrimp
    3. Pink (Ocean) Shrimp
    4. Coonstrip Shrimp
  • Eat more seafood from a balanced supply of well-managed wild-capture fisheries and environmentally-responsible aquaculture.
  • Buying local helps keep dollars and jobs in the U.S. and rewards those who are abiding by a stringent suite of rules and regulations designed to promote healthy ocean ecosystems and communities.